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12/12/2019 - Nuevos materiales para sistemas de refrigeraci?n de veh?culos el?ctricos
12/12/2019 - Natpet introduces advances in polypropylene grades
12/12/2019 - Maquinaria de fabricaci?n de de granzas compuestos, masters y otrosExtrusora para grancear pl?stico ?Qu? es y c?mo funciona?
12/12/2019 - Global Silicon Carbide Ceramics Additive Manufacturing Markets 2019-2029 -
12/12/2019 - DSM sets new targets for its Dyneema? high performance fibers
12/12/2019 - Impresora 3D que puede cambiar entre 8 materiales
12/12/2019 - La calidad t?cnica de este packaging permite su uso tanto en t?neles de congelaci?n como en microondas preservando la calidad de los productosLlegan los envases invisibles de Knauf Industries que dan todo el protagonismo a los alimentos
12/12/2019 - New Thermoplastic and Silicone Sealant Spacer System Makes Glass Facades and Roofs Greener
12/12/2019 - Agreement between Solvay and Safran - High-performance thermoplastic film for engine acoustic panels
12/12/2019 - KRAIBURG TPE Launches TPE Compounds for White Goods Manufacturing
12/12/2019 - Safran Uses Solvay?s ECTFE UV-resistant Film for Engine Acoustic Panels
12/12/2019 - BASF introduces new low-viscosity Ultrason PPSU product
12/12/2019 - New Ultrason P from Basf - PPSU with improved flowability
12/12/2019 - BASF Introduces Low-viscosity Polyphenylsulfone Grade with Improved Flow Behavior
11/12/2019 - Bio-based plastic packaging on display at Pharmapack
11/12/2019 - Global Polyethylene Packaging Market 2019-2023
11/12/2019 - Chemical recycling is back, and it's taking a seat at the circular economy table
11/12/2019 - Reciprocating head eliminates multiple extrusion runs and manual assembly
11/12/2019 - Sistema dosificador para botellas PET
11/12/2019 - Quattro impianti al THOE
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