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14/11/2019 - Amphiphilic PLGA?PEG?PLGA triblock copolymer nanogels varying in gelation temperature and modulus for the extended and controlled release of hyaluronic acid
14/11/2019 - Effect of saline and alkaline solution aging on the properties of jute/poly(lactic acid) composites
14/11/2019 - Regenerative and Resorbable PLA/HA Hybrid Construct for Tendon/Ligament Tissue Engineering
14/11/2019 - Effects of processing conditions on hybrid filler selective localization, rheological, and thermal properties of poly(??caprolactone)/poly(lactic acid) blends
14/11/2019 - Methacrylic acid functionalized CPS microspheres to adsorb shikimic acid
14/11/2019 - Further Exploration of Sucrose-Citric Acid Adhesive: Synthesis and Application on Plywood
14/11/2019 - Acid-extractable heavy metals in PM 2.5 over Xi?an, China: seasonal distribution and meteorological influence
14/11/2019 - Polymer Stabilized Liquid Crystal Smart Window with Flexible Substrates Based on Low-Temperature Treatment of Polyamide Acid Technology
14/11/2019 - Phytochemicals, essential oils, and bioactivities of an underutilized wild fruit Cili (Rosa roxburghii)
14/11/2019 - Functionalization of PET Track-Etched Membranes by UV-Induced Graft (co)Polymerization for Detection of Heavy Metal Ions in Water
14/11/2019 - Workshop Econom?a circular. Transferencia tecnol?gica en los sectores manufactureros tradicionales (TRANS-SMT)
14/11/2019 - From lignin-derived bio-oil to lignin-g-polyacrylonitrile nanofiber: High lignin substitution ratio and maintaining good nanofiber morphology
14/11/2019 - A Peptide?Lectin Fusion Strategy for Developing a Glycan Probe for Use in Various Assay Formats
14/11/2019 - Triptycene based fluorescent polymers with azo motif pendants: Effect of alkyl chain on fluorescence, morphology and picric acid sensing
14/11/2019 - Conjugation of Urokinase to Water-Soluble Magnetic Nanoparticles for Enhanced Thrombolysis
14/11/2019 - New insights of the bacterial response to exposure of differently sized silver nanomaterials
14/11/2019 - Preliminary investigation of the hydration mechanism of MgO-SiO2-K2HPO4 cement
14/11/2019 - Surface Modification of Graphene for Use as a Structural Fortifier in Water-Borne Epoxy Coatings
14/11/2019 - Polymer nanocarriers for MicroRNA delivery
14/11/2019 - Functionalization of Carbon Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications
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