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20/08/2019 - Bromine-functionalized poly(carbonate-co-lactide)s: Synthesis, characterization and post-polymerization functionalization
20/08/2019 - Significant enhancement of catalytic properties in mononuclear yttrium complexes by nitrophenolate?type ligands: Synthesis, structure, and catalysis for lactide polymerization
20/08/2019 - Trimetallic Synergy in Intermetallic PtSnBi Nanoplates Boosts Formic Acid Oxidation
20/08/2019 - Novel and green nanocomposite-based adsorbents from functionalised mesoporous KCC-1 and chitosan-oleic acid for adsorption of Pb(II)
20/08/2019 - A Tumor?Microenvironment?Activated Nanozyme?Mediated Theranostic Nanoreactor for Imaging?Guided Combined Tumor Therapy
20/08/2019 - Surface modification of microcrystalline cellulose using rice bran oil: a bio-based approach to achieve water repellency
20/08/2019 - Two-dimensional polymer knits together and unravels in an electric field
20/08/2019 - Glucose?Responsive Insulin and Delivery Systems: Innovation and Translation
20/08/2019 - Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Ligand-Enhanced Photo-Induced Color-Changing Behavior of Two Hydrogen-Bonded Ho(III)-Squarate Supramolecular Compounds
20/08/2019 - Bacterial cellulose membrane functionalized with hydroxiapatite and anti-bone morphogenetic protein 2: A promising material for bone regeneration
20/08/2019 - Bioprocessing of mussel by-products for value added ingredients
20/08/2019 - Volumetric Bioprinting of Complex Living?Tissue Constructs within Seconds
20/08/2019 - Synthesis of an amphiphilic spiro?multiblock copolymer via thiol?ene click chemistry
20/08/2019 - Self?Amplified Drug Delivery with Light?Inducible Nanocargoes to Enhance Cancer Immunotherapy
20/08/2019 - Analysis of Thermomechanical Properties of Selected Class of Recycled Thermoplastic Materials Based on Their Applications
20/08/2019 - Development of a pyrolysis model for glass fiber reinforced polyamide 66 blended with red phosphorus: Relationship between flammability behavior and material composition
19/08/2019 - 3D-Printed Poly Lactic Acid Scaffolds with Tetrapod-Interlocked Structure Containing Dipyridamole
19/08/2019 - Acetylated Hyaluronic Acid-Poly(L-lactic acid) Conjugate Nanoparticles for Inhibition of Doxorubicinol Production from Doxorubicin
19/08/2019 - Mechanical and antibacterial properties of oriented poly(lactic acid)
19/08/2019 - PLA/organoclay bionanocomposites impregnated with thymol and cinnamaldehyde by supercritical impregnation for active and sustainable food packaging
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