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16/08/2019 - D5204 Standard Classification System and Basis for Specification for Polyamide-Imide (PAI) Molding and Extrusion Materials has been revised to D5204-19
16/08/2019 - F481 Standard Practice for Installation of Thermoplastic Pipe and Corrugated Pipe in Septic Tank Leach Fields has been reapproved, available as F481-97(2019)
16/08/2019 - F1803 Standard Specification for Poly (Vinyl Chloride)(PVC) Closed Profile Gravity Pipe and Fittings Based on Controlled Inside Diameter#x2009; has been reapproved, available as F1803-15(2019)
12/08/2019 - ISO 4427-2:2019 - Plastics piping systems for water supply, and for drainage and sewerage under pressure -- Polyethylene (PE) -- Part 2: Pipes
02/08/2019 - D6358 Standard Classification System and Basis for Specification for Poly (Phenylene Sulfide) (PPS) Injection Molding, Extrusion and Blow Molding Materials Using ISO Methods has been editorially changed, available as D6358-19e1
02/08/2019 - ISO 527-1:2019 - Plastics -- Determination of tensile properties -- Part 1: General principles
02/08/2019 - ISO 3821:2019 - Gas welding equipment -- Rubber hoses for welding, cutting and allied processes
02/08/2019 - ISO 2285:2019 - Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic -- Determination of tension set under constant elongation, and of tension set, elongation and creep under constant tensile load
30/07/2019 - D7309 Standard Test Method for Determining Flammability Characteristics of Plastics and Other Solid Materials Using Microscale Combustion Calorimetry has been revised to D7309-19
30/07/2019 - D5603 Standard Classification for Rubber Compounding Materials#x2014;Recycled Vulcanizate Rubber has been revised (with title change) to D5603-19a
30/07/2019 - D7998 Standard Test Method for Measuring the Effect of Temperature on the Cohesive Strength Development of Adhesives using Lap Shear Bonds under Tensile Loading has been revised to D7998-19
22/07/2019 - Tuber?as, racores y accesorios de fundici?n d?ctil. Requisitos y m?todos de ensayo para revestimientos org?nicos de tuber?as y racores de fundici?n d?ctil. Parte 1: Revestimientos de poliuretano para tuber?as y accesorios.
18/07/2019 - ISO 19013-1:2019 - Rubber hoses and tubing for fuel circuits for internal combustion engines -- Specification -- Part 1: Diesel fuels
18/07/2019 - ISO 21970-2:2019 - Plastics -- Polyketone (PK) moulding and extrusion materials -- Part 2: Preparation of test specimens and determination of properties
18/07/2019 - ISO 21970-1:2019 - Plastics -- Polyketone (PK) moulding and extrusion materials -- Part 1: Designation system and basis for specifications
18/07/2019 - ISO 9624:2019 - Thermoplastics piping systems for fluids under pressure -- Flange adapters and loose backing flanges -- Mating dimensions
18/07/2019 - ISO 813:2019 - Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic -- Determination of adhesion to a rigid substrate -- 90 degree peel method
18/07/2019 - ISO 20144:2019 - Fibre-reinforced plastic composites -- Standard qualification plan (SQP) for composite materials, including reduced qualification plan (RQP) and extended qualification plan (EQP) schemes
12/07/2019 - F876 Standard Specification for Crosslinked Polyethylene (PEX) Tubing has been revised to F876-19
11/07/2019 - D883 Standard Terminology Relating to Plastics has been revised to D883-19b
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