B?fa Thermoplastic Composites adds MaruHachi products to its product range

18 Jul 2019

The latest spin-off of the B?fa Group ? B?fa Thermoplastic Composites ? has found another partner. The company, which specialises in the sale of raw materials and semi-finished products for the manufacture of components from long and continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastics, is expanding its portfolio with products from MaruHachi. MaruHachi is a Japanese manufacturer of thermoplastic composites in form of tapes and sheets, also known as UD tapes and organosheets.

B?fa Thermoplastic Composites adds MaruHachi products to its product range

UD tapes are continuous fiber-reinforced tapes in which glass or carbon fibers are embedded?in a thermoplastic matrix that completely new possibilities arise in the production of components. Although they can be made very thinly, they have a high stability and are at the same time very lightweight. This allows complex component shapes to be produced. Thermoplastic UD tapes are not only suitable for recycling: efficient processing, high toughness, low flammability and conductivity are also important properties. The tapes are processed in the so-called tape laying process. In addition, complex three-dimensional components such as tanks can be produced with the aid of winding technology.

If fabrics are impregnated with thermoplastics instead of continuous fibres, this is referred to as organosheets, whose mechanical properties can exceed those of a metal sheet. They can easily be thermoformed into the desired component shape. The products are used in dynamic structural applications in various market segments like transportation (automotive), electronics, sports, construction and civil engineering or consumer goods.

The MaruHachi Group, founded in 1936 with headquartered in Fukui, Japan, is a family-owned company that develops and manufactures composite materials with approximately 80 employees. Above all, MaruHachi distinguishes itself as a competent partner of B?fa Thermoplastic Composites through its high-quality development and production.

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